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Anatomy of the Heads: In The Realm of Allied Barbarians and Tributary Lords [Cassette | Import]

Anatomy of the Heads: In The Realm of Allied Barbarians and Tributary Lords [Cassette | Import]

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Anatomy of the Heads are pleased to share their latest album, In the Realm of Allied Barbarians and Tributary Lords. Imported to the U.S. of A. with great care, all the way from Germany!

The first in what we hope will be a long series of compilation albums capturing our offerings to various samplers from the darkest corners of the internet. This particular compilation includes all tracks released on various labels in 2021, collected here for the first time for YOUR listening pleasure.

Some of these musical phantasms have already been erased from history, others still lie unreleased due to cultureless savagery. This is why we have built this temple of comfort for you on the pillars of exotica, noise and ambience. For the three blessings of exotica, noise and ambient are like mighty mountains that cradle humanity and cradle it in comfort. These mountains conspire with each other to create the past, present and future of the world, and most find it difficult to understand how they work together.

Those who fail in any aspect of life blame God. They say that if they are poor, it is because God wanted it that way. Those who are tired of the bed they have made, wait for fate to change their destiny. But those who listen to Anatomy of the Heads will draw a circle around their temple. They draw the symbol of sulfur on a small piece of paper and place it under a red candle to the left of the temple. They invoke the jade-faced fire monkey and make an offering of honey, salt and bananas to a black candle on the right side of the temple. They close their eyes and imagine the faces of their victims. They recall their appearance in full, as clearly as if they were standing in front of them. They inhale and hear the howl of the jade-faced fire monkey piercing the imaginary air. This terrible howl does not dissipate into the atmosphere, but lingers in the dense, silent space around them, and so all the powerful qualities of the jade-faced fire monkey become trapped and frozen in their temple. As they pick up the temple and listen, they will be invigorated and grind their enemies into a fine powder that can be used for agriculture. 

released March 7, 2023

Anatomy of the Heads are:
Michael van Gore - Celestial Ruler of Divine Right and Keeper of Ominous Feng Shui
J. Rome Fish - Technomatyr of the Ghoul Worlds and Keeper of the Hyper-Ankh
HEIDENREICH - Subjugator of the twilight Kingdoms and Scourge of the Ringjuw

This epic piece of fire and fury was recorded 2020 - 2021 during blood moon nights in the Raffles Ritual Chamber, Indonesia and KRACH, Germany. All compositions were previously released on various compilations and created through invoking the jade-faced fire monkey.

Additional Personnel:
Dian Zulaika - vocals (track 1)
stained hanes - vocals (track 4)
Iriana Agustina - vocals (track 6)
Osama Iskandar & Lutfan Permadi - Percussion
Heryanto Nashiruddin & Cawisadi Firgantoro - Background Voices
Produced by Marsudi Prabowo
Mix Engineer - Pia Padmasari (track 1,3,6,7), Eka Aisha Supalihwa (track 2), Warji Mandala (track 4,5,8,9)
Recording Engineer - Sidiq Utama

Design and Packaging by the glorious Michael van Gore and the Mighty Waikiki Commander
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