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Anatomy of the Heads: Jungle Cult Terror [Cassette | Import]

Anatomy of the Heads: Jungle Cult Terror [Cassette | Import]

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Anatomy of the Heads are pleased to offer up, Jungle Cult Terror on cassette. Imported to the U.S. of A. with great care, all the way from Germany!

This pressing of 50x are hand numbered on transparent pink cassette and includes a download code.

released March 22, 2022

Anatomy of the Heads are:
Gore - Hateful Litanies and Extremely Esoteric Devices
Heidenreich - Paraphernalia of Indoctrination
Ikan Raja - Disdain for Lesser Beings

Additional Personnel:
Sutikno - Kempul
Iskandar Purnama Wibowo - Kenong
Adi Cahaya Hadiman - Bonang, Celempung
Deddy Bambang Dharmawijaya - Demung, Keprak
Tri Harta Darmadi - Saron, Kecer
Suzanna Bondar - Rebab, Suling

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