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Anatomy of the Heads: Unholy Spirits Light Divine [Cassette | Import]

Anatomy of the Heads: Unholy Spirits Light Divine [Cassette | Import]

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Anatomy of the Heads are everyones favorite ChiChi fueled CIA psyop, honey-pot/money-bomb-operation that will sell all your personal information to Korean gangsters and hot tiger moms.

We're pleased to offer up their latest, Unholy Spirits Light Divine on cassette. Imported to the U.S. of A. with great care, all the way from Germany!

This first press of 50x are hand numbered on transparent red cassette. Each order also includes a download code, button & zine.

 *For your listening pleasure, all movements are presented as one in The Tomb of Kitlab Al-Roh 

The Tomb of Kitlab Al-Roh Tracklist:
01. Lift Up Thy Chalice for a Thousand Tongues Exalt the Night
02. The Stars Proclaim, We Are the Kin of the Dragon
03. Come, Let Us Join in Cheerful Hunt
04. From the Depths of Woe, We Call Out to the Coffins
05. A Dirge of Cruel Shadows upon the Midnight Air
06. Alas! Miasma Shrouds and Carrion Winds
07. Moon-Thirst, Solemn and Majestic
08. Love Divine, an Immortal Prison of Grief

Behold the great dragon dwelling in the mountain lands beyond Mecca. Scourge of the Ottomans. Despot of Wallachia. Hero to Romania. There in his gardens he feasts. Child of fertile soils and raging seas! As an act in the forgotten art of devotion, tonight we raise our glasses in thy name. Death to the world! For they must know fear. Men, women and children, the young and old alike, must savour death to know the divine. Their fear is a temple that has been prepared for us. For we are their priests. We know that only through the fears of death will thy be ready to receive their true glory, power and strength. So may the sky collapse and the earth devour them! The night is still young, pour forth the wine from thy gardens. The place upon which a thousand gods have entered death and immortality. Open the mouths of Set and summon forth the children of the night. For what beautiful music they play. Fling open thy gates and command thy armies to assail the living day and night until all life tastes destruction. Give the call! Order the Gates of Hell to crumble and for Iblis, Shaitan and all the demons of the pit to be unleashed. Torment them with pestilence and feebleness. Make haste! Call upon Abraxas and his angelic legions to work evil upon the bodies of men and poison their souls. So that all good things will turn against them, that their joy will turn to sorrow and their life will turn to death. Plague their body, mind and spirit, to deliver their bodies into the grave and their souls into the outer darkness. Come and don't delay. Let us go out for pleasure! For such is our command, Eternal.

Released September 9, 2022

Anatomy of the Heads are:
Michael van Gore - Strings of Blood
Heidenreich - Mutilation
Mr. Fishman - Dismemberment

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