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Anatomy of the Heads: Copper Clad Coinage [Cassette | Import]

Anatomy of the Heads: Copper Clad Coinage [Cassette | Import]

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Anatomy of the Heads have released Copper Clad Coinage on limited edition neon orange transparent cassette. Imported to the U.S. of A. with great care, all the way from Germany!

Cassettes are available with white or green artwork, I will chose the best option based on your overall vibes, however if you have a preference please feel free to email to request at

Copper Clad Coinage is comprising two longform pieces of dense, foggy synths calling out for the creatures who life in perpetual darkness. Calling out to the forest dwellers; the people in ransacked forest cabins. Calling them for a nocturnal ritual out in the swamps and other dark corners of the earth. To light up in technicolor; to burn in paradise and purgatory; to ferment and harden into a monumental, all encompassing statue of sound.
Performed live at the Gwanyongsan Arts & Culture Festival 2018, South Korea.

Anatomy of the Heads are:
Michael Van Gore: High Treasurer & Luau-Master
J.Rome Fish: Reichsabwehr Guitar
Saint Jonas of Mt. Ararat: Electrified Cacti & Dionysian Mysteries

Additional Personnel:
Gimhae-Clan: Birdcalls and Goosewhistles

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