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Safety Propaganda Conceptual Manifesto [Book]

Safety Propaganda Conceptual Manifesto [Book]

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An essential primer for psychic warfare in art, theory and practice. Based on the influential Substack of the same name, the revised and updated Safety Propaganda Conceptual Manifesto contains 200 bullet points by Adam Lehrer that serve as both a compendium of artistic transgression and a handbook for how to survive the 21st Century.

Published in book form to secure its existence in an age of increasing digital censorship, the Safety Propaganda manifesto should not just be read but owned, kept safe and shared with other counter-agents of the avant-garde, whether they are already members or identified as potential recruits into an artistic milieu that rejects the dominant discourses of our time.

"Safety Propaganda is the text I wish I had discovered on my friend's coffee table when I was failing and impressionable youth, along with Apocalypse Culture, 120 Days of Sodom and the Nurse With Would list." - Editor and publisher Lev Parker

Published by Morbid Books.

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